Pascal - das brickmonster

Leog Modellbauer Pascal Lenhard

The love for the little plastic bricks has been with me all my life...

Even as a toddler I was happy and satisfied when I was sitting in a room full of LEGO® and could build in peace. This led me to write an application to Legoland in Billund (Denmark) at the age of seven and apply for a job as a model builder. Unfortunately, a rejection came back with the following words: "First grow up and then try your luck again."

This made me infinitely sad and hit me right in the middle of my young LEGO® heart, but the love and joy for the bricks was of course preserved. For many years I continued to play and build quietly for myself in my little room, grew up and gained many interesting experiences far away from my dream job as a LEGO® model builder...

But then, by chance, my childhood dream finally came true. In 2007 I applied for a job at Legoland Discovery Centre Berlin and was hired as a LEGO® model builder. In the following years I was able to realize some interesting projects, e.g. building the city castle of Berlin or the new airport of Berlin BER out of LEGO®.

After a few years I followed a new coincidence and LEGO® call and joined Rene Hoffmeister, the only certified LEGO® model builder in Germany, as a model builder and dedicated myself exclusively to building and being creative.

Since 1 January 2019 I have been working as an independent LEGO® model builder.